Mammal Collection

Mammal Collection – 3 new models of Memo shoes with unique design and prophylactic features designed by Kobi Levi.

Collection to Spring 2017


Kobi Levi – a world-class footwear maestro, designer of mammal inspired sandal collection. Known for intertwining art into his designs. His wearable sculptures we can admire on Lady Gaga, Whoopi Goldberg, Fergie and other celebrities. Considered as a genius of interpretation and a surrealist shoe designer by the Vogue Magazine Italia.

Kobi about Mammal Collection: “I was very happy to be contacted by MDH about shoe designs for Kids! It sounded fun immediately, and as I saw and learned the shoes are prophylactic, and have a medical aspect, I was even more eager to contribute. I saw children in my shoe creations exhibitions, and how excited they are to see designs they understand and recognize the images, so this was an opportunity to offer them something as well. I’m always inspired by animals, now and when I was a child as well, so it was natural for me to create the mammal inspired sandals. A cute animal touch to integrate  and follow the sandal lines. I hope the kids like it, and want prophylactic sandal even when they don’t need them.”

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