Stretching and Exercise Bow

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Qmed Stretching and Exercise Bow 

  • Better body stabilization and balance
  • More intense and interesting training
  • For beginners and advanced users

Qmed Stretching and Exercise Bow supports the back during training, allowing for a smooth, gradual opening of the chest and shoulders, stretching the hip area and pectoral muscles. Perfect for people leading a sedentary lifestyle and struggling with spinal pain.

Beginners, thanks to better body support during exercise, can prepare the body for more challenging positions and learn correct pose more easily. Diversification of everyday practice and breaking the routine are the advantages of Qmed Stretching and Exercise Bow, appreciated by advanced users who want to stimulate their creativity in classical yoga practice and intensify their training. The product is intended for people who already have some experience and are in good shape.

The traditional yoga wheel has a symmetrical design. Whereas Qmed Stretching and Exercise Bow differs in its flat construction, its non-slip finish improves the stability of the body during the position and helps to maintain the balance. Perfect size of the product safely supports the back during back stretching, helping to increase the flexibility of the spine while maintaining breathing comfort.

Qmed Stretching and Exercise Bow is a unique accessory for many physical activities: from yoga, fitness and pilates training, to relaxation exercises at home and smooth deepening of bends. Thanks to its wide range of uses during exercise, it supports building muscles on the abdomen, arms, legs and thighs. Try relaxing with the bow in case of back pain caused by faulty sitting posture during the day. It is a perfect gift idea for physically active relatives or yoga lovers.


  • Recommendation for whole-body training
  • Recommendation for improving physical fitness and physical condition
  • Maintaining muscle mass at the right level
  • Recommendation for improving visual-motor coordination


  • Physical or mental disorders of the user that prevent them to use the product in a safe manner, in particular balance problems.

Attention! Prior to each training, check the technical condition of the product and always use the product as intended. Apply a gymnastic mat on the surface where the Bow will be placed to avoid possible floor deformation due to the high pressure. Start your training suitable time after the meal. Make sure you have a flat and stable exercise space that allows you to move in a safe and unrestricted manner, and that is free from unnecessary objects. Perform your training barefoot or with non-slip socks. Take off your watch and jewelry before you start. Take a few minutes to warm up - it will prepare your body for exercise and relax your muscles. Adjust the training intensity to your physical abilities and never overstretch your muscles. Stop exercise if you feel pain or other discomfort. Training with Qmed Stretching and Exercise Bow requires strength and balance. Never start training when you feel sick or distracted.

Remember to do the exercises symmetrically on both sides of the body. Hold the pose as long as you can do it correctly. With the frequency of exercise, the number of repetitions can be gradually increased to 15-20. After your workout is complete, spend a few minutes for stretching and then relaxing.

Maintenance: keep the Bow in place protected from direct sunlight. Protect against temperatures below 5 ° C and over + 35 ° C. After use, wipe the product with a damp, soft cloth and mild detergent.

Maximum load: 150 kg

Dimensions: 380 x 203 x 130 [mm]

Weight: 1,17 kg

Composition: TPE – top layer, ABS – inside


mdh Sp. z o.o.
ul. Maratońska 104,
94-007 Łódź
tel. +48 42 674 83 33

Edition: 06.2021

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